- The Latest - Fall/Winter 2020 -

Ein kleiner macht Musik

The Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldewngburg, Germany has run music composition competitions annually since 2001. This piece was written as an entry in their 2020 competition, the requitrements being a work for piano and orhestra, with the piano part having no limit as to difficulty, and the orchestral parts of medium difficulty but providing challenge for advanced students. The title, literally translated, is "A little makes music", reflecting my primary aspiration to create such a work of music with minimal motif notes and chords.

A mock-up of the result is now available for your listening pleasure from the News Playlist.

- Spring / Summer 2020 -

A new pop/soul styled version of my setting of "Live with me and be my love"

A setting for an ensemble of soul singers and a combo of piano, electric bass and drums of a created from verses widely attributed to 16th century writers Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh".

As listeners may realise this recording was produced totally in the digital domain, with the virtual vocal ensemble courtesy of the "Hollywood Backup Singers" sampling software from East West Sounds. This was a first attempt at using it.

It is now available for your listening pleasure from the News Playlist.

- In Progress -

Nothing has jumped up and said "compose me!" at the moment ... however, polite suggestions from my listeners are always welcome ;-)

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