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Dartmoor  is based on musical sketches I jotted down after a visit to this famous moor in the south-west of England. The piece is in four parts that can be played as separate movements or as one continuous piece.  

Adagio for Strings

A pastoral theme and variations reminiscent of early 20th century British composers such as Coates and Bridge. The recording is of the world premiere performance by the Peninsula Strings, under the direction of Michael Reason.

Adventure Symphony

A symphony written in the style of music for action adventure movies. Watching films of this genre is one of my favourite "down" time occupations.

Concertino for Trumpet

The Concertino for Trumpet is a bright, joyful concert piece composed for the instrument I played in my youth and inspired by virtuosi like Maurice Andre and Wynton Marsalis. Ah, how I wish I had played like this ...

Concerto for Clarinet & Orchestra

The concerto, written for B-flat clarinet, explores the versatility and expressive range of the solo instrument - not least of all its four octave range, from sultry lows to lyrical mid-range and screaming highs.

Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra

A very early work that needs serious revision, particularly to the outer movements. The remaining movement, with its flamenco allusions, still has some appeal and is presented here.

Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra

Writing for an instrument that seems to have a zest for life, its difficult not to imagine virtuosic passages. The pitfall (hopefully avoided in this work) is forgetting to allow the soloist sufficient places to breathe!

English Suite

This piece is based on the composer's memories of England, where he was born and raised. The four movements follow the seasons.

Just wait 15 minutes ...

This orchestral piece was was written to celebrate the 30th anniversary season of the Colorado Springs Chamber Orchestra.

  • Click here to download the score

Latin Translations

With 3 short movements, this is my spin on what's generally referred to as "latin" music, in an orchestral setting.

More Latin Translations

Latin Translations - my take on what's commonly called "latin" music - is now turning into an ongoing orchestral project. This is the second set of 3 pieces.


Northland is a project portraying in music the varied landscapes of the composer's adopted country, Canada.

Ouverture Bourlesque

A whimsical, sometimes tongue-in-cheek piece intended as a concert curtain raiser and inspired by earlier masters of the genre such as Georg Philipp Telemann and Leopold Mozart.

Sonata for Orchestra

The piece is an eclectic combination of classical sonata form, full orchestra and themes in the style of American folk tunes.


A theme and 12 variations, each of which uses the 12 tones of the chromatic scale.

Variations for String Orchestra

The opening , a 3-note motif played in the Violas, is the basis for all the music that follows.

Variations on a dream

This work was built largely from improvisations, which you might think of as the musical equivalent of daydreaming.

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